Friendly aliens


Before you talk to an alien,be sure that it’s friendly. Be very careful-there are millions of diffirent types of alien and it’s easy to make a mistake.

These aliens are friendly to humans:

Gnergs: are yellow or green. They have three long thin legs,three arms,and three fingers on each hand. They have one eye in the middle of their head and a long thin nose.

Zaps: can be any colour. They have a long thin body and eight legs. They have two heads. Each head has large mouth and two eyes on long stalks.

Bolonids: look a bit like humans,but they have a small body and small arms and legs. They are light green,and have large black eyes and no ears.

Bzerks: have one long leg,two arms and no head. They have one big eye at the top of their body. They are usually red or purple.

Ogons: also look a bite like people,but they have a small head on the end of a very long neck. They are green with short legs and large white hands and feet.


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