The Pasture


            I’m going to clean the pasture spring;                                                                             I’ll only stop to rake the leaves away                                                                              (And wait to watch the water clear,I may):                                                                  I sha’n’t ne gone long. You come too.                                          

          Im going out to fetch the little calf                                                                                   Thats standing by the mother. It’s so young                                                                It totters when she licks it with ter tongue.                                                                 I sha’n’t  be gone long. You come too.

Robert frost was an American poet who often wrote about the country-side and the people who lived there. He usually told their stories in simple language. Many of his poems are about life in New England which is in the northeastern part of the United States.

Frost began writing when he was still in school,but his first book of poems came out when he was much older.While he was still very young ,he had to earn his own living. He did many different kinds of work. He worked on a farm, in a shoesshop on a newspaper as a schoolteacher. Today many people like reading his poems. 


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