Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. In 1630 the first settlers chose this big harbour as their new home and named it after a city in England. Today Boston is biggest city in New England and the capital of Massachusetts. Boston played an important part in the early history if the United States. not faraway is Plymouth Rock where the Pilgrims landed in 1620. In 1773 there was the Boston Tea Party. Angry about a British tax on tea,group of Americans dressed up as Indians one night and climbed into a British ship in the harbour. Then they took all tea on the ship and threw it into the water!



Boston was the home of Paul Revere who made his famous midnight ride in 1775. When Paul Revere saw two lights in the Old North Church he jumped on his horse and rode all noght to warn people that British troops were coming. Bunker Hill , where the Americans fought the first battle of the revolutionary War,is now part of Boston.

Boston is a big seaport. It also has a busy airport where planes land and take off every few minutes. There are many schools and well known universities. One of them is Harvard (1636)  the oldest American university. Many people come to Boston to go to school or work to do buisness or just to see sights.



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