Dinosaurs belong to a large group of prehistoric reptiles that suddenly disappeared about 65 million years ago,long before there were any people on earth. Nobody really knows why the dinosaurs disappeared. Many scientists belive that the earth simply became too cold for them. The word ”dinosaur” means ”terrible lizard”. Some were really giants and terrible but others were small. The brontosaurus was a giant more than twenty metres from the end of its nose to the tip of its tail. But it ate only plants. The largest of the dinosaurus that ate flesh was the tyrannosaurs,sixteen metres from nose to tail. It had claws on its front feet that it used to kill other animals.

Most of our information about dinosaurs comes from their bones and tracks. Natural history museums all over the world have huge skeletons of dinosaurs. some also have fossil tracks for example when dinosaurs left tracks in soft mud that eventually became rock.

There are many stories and films about dinosaurs. We often see them in cartoons for children. Maybe dinosaurs are taking the place of dragons since we no longer belive in terrible fairy tale creatures. And dinosaurs really did exist millions of years ago!


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