King Arthur


There are many stories about King Arthur and his knights,who lived in the castle of Camelot and had many adventures. One of these stories was about how Arthur became king of Britain.

When the old king died the magician Merlin put a magic sword deep in an anvil of iron and said ”The next king must prove his right to the throne and pull the sword from the anvil.” The knights and noblemen decided to have a great tournament,and at the end they would try to pull the sword from the anvil.

Many knights came from all over the land and took part in the tournament. One of them was Sir Kay. With him was his younger brother Arthur. During the tournament Sir Kay broke his sword. He sent Arthur for another one. Arthur looked everywhere but couldnt find a sword. Then he saw one in an anvin in front of the church. He went over pulled the sword out and took it to Sir Kay.

Sir Kay knew that this was the magic sword Excalibur. He told Arthur to put it back where he found it. At the end of the tournament all the knights tried to pull the sword from the anvil,but they couldnt do it. Finally,it was young Arthur’s turn. He pulled it out easily and in this way proved right to the throne.


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