Sandford Orcas Manor


There are many hunted houses in Britain. Most of them have one ghost. But the 16th century manor house in the village of Sandford Orcas, in south west England has four.

1. One is the ghost of an 18th century priest who used to kill visitors while they were a sleep in their beds. He still sometimes frightens guests in the middle of the night by standing over their beds holding a knife.



2. The ghost of a sevant sometimes walks along the dark corridors of the house at night. He killed his master at Sandford Orcas but nobody knows why.

3. Another is the ghost of a young man who grew up in the house and then became a sailor. While he was at sea, he killed a boy. when he came home,they locked him in a room at the back of the house. He never left the room again and died there several years later. On some nights when the moon is full you can hear him screaming and banging on the door of  the room.

4. The fourth is the ghost of a farmer. He often appears in the garden wearing old working clothers. He was a previous owner of the house and he killed himself by hanging himself from a tree in the garden. Perhaps he was frightened of the ghosts.

goodnight 😉




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