Most of the talk these days is about global warming. But in fact the opposite could hapen: it would only take the tiniest change in the Earth’s orbit round the Sun to bring another Ice Age. A change of as little as 5C would have dramatic effect on life on Earth.


Climate shift: the main effect would be to shift climate about 1,500 kilometres towards the Equator so that Spain say would have a climate much the same as England’s is now,and Buenos Aires could look forward to the kind of weather now found around Cape Horn.

Food: The same would be true of crops:wheat would grow in Spain,but no longer in Britain: it would be impossible to grow rice in most of China: and grapes would be much happier growing in Africa than in France.

Catastrophe: In the colder regions of the world,the results would be devastating. Large parts of Northern Europe be covered in snow and quickly become uninhabitable. Huge numbers of people would be forced to migrate to warmer climates bringing with them economic catastrophe,and probably war.

Turing the desert green: On the brighter side,a number of inhospitable places would become more pleasant to live in. Cave paintings in the Sahara Desert show that it was once full of people and together with incereased rainfall mightbegin to turn the desert green again.


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