A picture say 1,000 words…..

Snake bite: Movement helps the poison to spread so try not to walk about if possible send someone else to get a doctor. Meanwhile tie something (e.g. a handkerchief) fairly tightky above the bite to stop the poison spreading. If you have a sharp knife make a cut and suck out as much of the poison as you can.

Cut wrist: If possible get someone to call a doctor right away. Meanwhile try to stop the bleeding close the wound and apply pressure with your other hand ( or get someone else to), until bleeding begins to stop. This may be some minutes. Any bandages should be applied tightly: if blood soaks through the bandage dont remove it,just add andother bandage on top.

Hotel fire: Wet towels or sheets and use them to block the gap under the door. Then open the window,try to attract the attention of people outside and wait for help to arrive. If you cant open the window and the room becomes smoky go down to floor level: its easier to breathe near the floor because smoke rises upwards.

Boiling water: Reduce the heat as quickly as possible by putting the arm in cold water or under a cold tap for at least 10 minutes. Remove anything tight such as jewellery and cover the burn with clean smooth cloth to avoid infection. Then take the person to hospital.

Heart attack: If the patient is conscious place her in a half sitting position,with her head and shoulders supported with pillows or cushions,and with another cushion placed under her knees. Then call a doctor or an ambulance. Loosen clothing around the neck,chest and waist. do not give the patient anything to eat or drink and do not allow her to move unnecessarily.


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