Helping others


Do you remmeber who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell. do you remmeber that he was interested in deaf children? Before he started his experiments, Bell was a teacher in a school for deaf children. One child that he helped grew up to be very well known. This was Helen Keller.

When Helen was only a year and a half,she became blind and deaf from an illeness. Since she could no longer see or hear,she couldnt understand the world around her and became a very difficult child. Her parents took her to Boston to see Alexander Graham Bell who found her a teacher. Very slowly her teacher, Anne Sullivan first taught her a kind of finger alphabet and then Braille and when Helen was older,she even went to college. Her teacher was always there to help her.




When she finished college,Helen wanted to help others with the same problems. She wrote books: one of them was about her own life. Soon people knew more about the problems of blind and deaf children and wanted to help.


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