Mystic Seaport


One place that is popular with visitors in New England is Mystic Seaport. This was once a busy seaport. Today it is an open air museum where you can see how people lived a hundred years ago,what kinds of work they did. Families often spend the whole day here. There is something for everyone.

The first settlers came in the middle of the 18th century. During the next century more and more people found work in the port,and built homes. Most of them were sailors,fishermen and shipbuilders.When steam ships took the place of sailing vessels,there was no longer enough wirk and people moved away.

Today after they pay admission at the main entrance visitors walk first to the village green. Around the green are several old buildings:a small church(1889) a school house (1880) a shop that gold groceries (1870) several homes and workshops. In the workshop there are demonstrations of different crafts: how to make sails,how to make rope,how to build small boats. Visitors can go on the old sailing ships in the port. In a small planetarium visitors see the stars that tell sailors where they are. All day there are different programmes on the village green:stories and songs about the sea,games. There are places where visitors can stop to eat and also shops where they can buy presents and postcards.As the day comes to an end,they leave for home. They are tired,but everyone has had an interesting time.


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