Robin Hood

Robin Hood

There are many stories abut Robin Hood,and outlaw and popular hero who took from rich so he could give to the poor. His greatest enemy in these stories was the sheriff of Nottingham.

One time the sheriff decided to have an archery contest. There was gold arrow for the archer who could shoot best. The sheriff wanted to cahtch Roobin Hood. At the end of the contest there were three archers who could shoot better than the others. One of them was a stranger with a patch over one eye,but he did not look like Roobin Hood. Roobin always wore green,the colour of the forest and the strangers clothes were red and very old. Then the strangers arrow went straight to the centre of the taget and the sheriff had to give him the gold arrow.

That night the sheriff gave a big dinner. suddenly an arrow flew in through the window with note on it. ” Today you gave the gold arrow to Robin Hood”



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