Endangered species: Rhinos

Most rhinos live in Africa. There are two African rhinos species: the black rhino,which lives in East Africa and the white rhino,which found in Souther Africa. There are also a few rhinos in Asia,mainly in India.



( This is black rhinos )

Over the last 20 years,numbers of rhinos have dropped rapidly: there are now fewer than 10.000 in the whole world,and the number is still falling.

The main threat to rhinos is from poachers who hunt them for their ”horns” which are in fact made of stiff hair. The horns are sold in the Middle East ,where they are used to make dagger handles and also in the Far East,where they are used in medicines and aphrodisiacs.



( This is white rhino )

Trading in rhino horn is illegal but it is still continuing. Unless more is done to protect them they will almost certainly extinct.


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