Strange-but true?




In july 1991,residents of the town of Victor Harbour complained that three whales were keeping them awake at night. The whales,which had arrived some days before had got into the habit of falling a sleep near the shore and snoring loudly.




In March 1990 an Italian American who had emigrated to the USA as a young man in 1948 flew to Italy for the first time in search of his surviving relative-a great nephew whom he had never met. At his hotel in Rome he got talking to the barman and explained why he had come-only to dicover that the barman was his lost great nephew.




In 1971,a man went into a bank in Chicago to cash a blank stolen payroll cheque. The thief had made out the cheque to ‘Miles F Huml’, a name he had picked at random from the telephone directory. He handed the cheque to the bank clerk who immediately sounded a silent alarm and the man was arrested. The bank clerks name was Mrs Miles F Huml. She said later ‘I looked at the cheque and I looked at the man and I knew he wasnt my husband.’



In May 1991 a candidate in local Polish election decided to vote his opponent out of politeness and lost the seat. Out of 595 electors,he was the only one who had bothered to vote.




In December 1990,a postman and his wife were injured when they opened a parcel that he had stolen from work and brought home. The parcel turned out to be a latter bomb. The postman was later charged with theft.


1645996    In January 1991 police arrested a man for selling ‘magic pencils’ ($225  each) which he said would automatically produce correct answers in university entrance exams. According to the man,the pencils contained electronic signals which would confuse the computers marking the exams and correct wrong answers. Dozens of students complained that the magic hadnt worked for them.


1401898  In April 1991 a baby boy was swept away from a coastal village during a severe storm. He had been given up for dead when rescuers spotted a dolphin holding him in its mouth to keep him clear of the water. The dolphin allowed villagers to take the boy from its jaws. He was later treated for leg injuries caused by the dolphins grip.

Great Britain 


In August 1987 a Birmingham man was taken to hospital after trying to kill his wife. During the commercial break in a TV programme he had gone out to the kitchen to make two coffees,one of them poisoned with arsenic. He had then got so involved in the programme ( a crime show called Inspector Morse) that he had accidentally picked up the wrong cup and drunk it. He was charged with attempted murder.



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