What is your favorite commercial advertisment on TV




I remember I once saw an advertisement on TV for a chocolate bar. It showed a very good looking man at home with his very beautiful wife. His wife asked him to get her a chocolate bar,so he said ‘Just a moment,darling’ got up and quickly put on his running shoes. Then he went out of the house got into his car and went to a small airport. There he got into a helicopter and went across the sea to an island. On the beach there was a white horse. He got on the horse and went across the island until he came to a bridge over a big river. In the middle of the river there was a very high rock. He went off the bridge into the river and went to the rock. Then he went up the rock and right at the top there was a chocolate bar in gold paper. He took the chocolate bar,and brought it back to his wife. What i never understood was : WHY DIDNT HE JUST GO ROUND TO HIS LOCAL SUPER MARKET AND BUY ONE ?!? FFS



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