1. MAGELLAN  and his man were the first to make the trip around the world. It took them more than two years because they went by ship.On September 20th 1519, he left Spain with five ships and 240 men,but he was killed in the Philippines. More than two years later only one of the five ships returned to Spain with 31 men. His voyage proved that men could sail around the world and also that the world was round.



2. LAIKA was the first animal in space,travelling on board the Russian Sputnik 2 which was launched in November 1957. Sadly,she could not be brought back to Earth and she died in space about week after the launch.



3. NEIL ARMSTRONG                                                                                                        On July 21st 1969,Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon. He had flying lessons when he was only fourteen and he got his pilots licence when he was sixteen. Then,he became a test pilot and tested new fast planes. In 1962 he became an astrounaut.While he was walking on the moon,he said: ‘One small step for a men,one giant leap for mankind.’

The Apollo 11 Prime Crew


4. The Wright brothers are famous for making the first plane. During their childhood,the brothers had similar interests,which made them a team and they were both interested in building things. They exprerimented with kites and later they started with gliders. The first flight took place on December 17th 1903 in Kitty Hawk. Their flying machine moved, got into the air and flew for twelve seconds. It was the first controlled flight of an aeroplane.





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