Friends and Family are No1 !

Who is your best friend? 

My best friend is my dog, definitely. No one, so I can not cheer, laugh, have fun as my dog. I have American Staffordshire Terier he have year and a half old. And  he is not dangerous as people think he just wants attention and play. Sorry for my bad english but I try in any case.



It’s the weekend. Theres no work and theres no school. Millions of people all over the world are spending the day at home. Milions of others are going out. But where are they going ?!?

Well,now we know. A new report from Edinburgh University lists the TOP 10 things that people do when they go out at the weekend.


  1. Visit friends or relatives
  2. Go out for a drink or a meal
  3. Go for a walk or a bike ride
  4. Go shopping for fun
  5. Go to a cinema,concerts or sports event
  6. Do an outdoor sport
  7. Do an indoor sport
  8. Follow an interest or hobby
  9. Go for a drive or a picnic
  10. Go swimming

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