WHAFF is the leading outsource for Mobile Ads Targeting and is so far the highest paying Mobile-Ads Solution in the market. The app helps us to earn money for completing offers, downloading apps and games, playing those games or apps and maintaining them in your devices to earn extra money on a per day basis.

IWHAFF Rewards!

Download WHAFF Rewards,
put the invitation code : [ AV79511 ] and get $0,30!!!


But, there are many flaws in this app because the offer tracking system is not that good. So, as a result almost four or five out of every ten apps downloaded, do not get tracked and thereby release no money in our accounts. This is the primary reason to go for Whaff Referrals, as they help you get 20 cents every time a person enters your Invite Code into his account. The referral system is very good as there is no thresholds to be reached by the invitee as most apps favor so.
So, today I’ll tell you how I got 10-20 straight referrals in one single night while I was stuck at $5 for over a month. So, if you are in the same ‘stuck’ condition right now, the post is for you.

First of all, for all users those do not have Whaff installed, here is my Invite Code : AV79511

Tips to get More Referrals on WHAFF :
Spread the word:
You must tell all your family members and friends about the app and ask them to get this app with your Invite Code entered whenever you get time with them.

Post your Invite Code to related forums and blog posts:
There are many forums available where you can post your Invite Code to generate more referrals. Moreover, you can post your Code in the comments section below in this very post.

Your Code should be in the Google Play’s reviews section:
This is how you’ll get most number of referrals as every new user who installs the app, checks for a invite code in the Reviews section of the App on Play Store. Your code there will help you earn more money.
Your Code should be visible among the Top 3 Reviews:
No one will search for an Invite Code by clicking on ‘All Reviews’, neglecting the top 3 reviews which might have the needed code. So, you should find the means to get your code up there.

Regularly update your review about the app in Play Store:
This will help you to keep your review on top of else’s reviews. Your reviews goes to the top every time you update it or change it.

Be Genuine with your Review:
Don’t just write a review which has only your Invite Code and nothing else, don’t beg others for using your code. Instead, write a good review stating any problems that you might be facing with app and your Incite Code at the last. Using your Invite Code in the Title of your review will help you too.
Your Review should be very helpful:
You might have noticed a Thumbs-Up button on the top-right corner of each review, this leads to a pop-up asking whether the review is helpful, unhelpful or a spam. Make sure you do not post a review which might be flagged as spam or unhelpful. If you have multiple Google IDs, log in with different accounts and mark your original review as helpful and create another review with other accounts with the same Invite Code mentioned.
Thank You for giving your time in reading the article, I hope the tips work for you too, don’t forget to leave your valuable comments with additional suggestions and/or your Invite Codes.


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