Do you have a mouse in your house? A mouse is a little animal that cats like to catch. What else can a mouse be?




The PC or the personal computer- many people cannot imagine life without one. Not long ago,though computers looked very different. In the 1960s the first computers were slow,expensive and as big as a bedroom. People certainly couldnt have them in their offices and you couldnt use them at home. Nowdays they are more powerful much smaller and you can keep them on your desk. They are a lot cheaper and many people can affrod them now. A PC ca do many things. It can teach you English and you can play games on it.

Computers have also started to play a more important part in education and most schools have their own computers. Although a large number of teachers and parents know the advantages of computers,others dont like them. Beryl Foster complains that some young people only use computers for games and they dont really learn anything when they use computers. ”I wasnt able to talk to my doughter yesterday-she was to busy playing Counter Strike. Children dont read or go in for sports anymore-their eyes are become square”

Computers can do many things better than humans. However computers cannot think for themselves. They can only do what people tell them to do. And despite what people think,computers dont make mistakes-computer programmers do!


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