How did the computer term “bag”?

When there is a software problem with the computer, you will often hear the phrase, “It’s a bag,” and do you know how the word bag began to be used as a synonym for failures in computers?



In 1947, Grace Mayer Hopper worked at Harvard, namely the primitive computer that bore the name Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator.

September 9, 1947, the machine was showing some problems at the end of the daylong investigation, scientists have discovered a captive moth between points Relay # 70 Panel and F.

Operatives have removed the moth and paste it in the log. Sam entry in the records read: “First actual case found bugs (bug)”. Shortly thereafter, spread the news to the expert team at Harvard “debug” machine, and so created the term “debugging a computer program”.

Although Grace Hopper was cautious and admitted that it was not present at the moment when the operatives found a moth, this is one of her favorite stories.


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