Tropical paradise where nobody wants to live :(

Free, beautiful country and the climate that you could wish for. A little paradise. And yet, no one wants to live in Pitcairn, a small island in the Pacific.

575049_ostrvo-pitkairn1-foto-profimedia-rs_ffUnreal beauty Pitkairnua


This island is the smallest British colony, whose population from year to year decreases more and more, and is now on the whole island, there has only 50 inhabitants.
Locals are trying to find and attract new settlers to this unique place, but that did not really succeed.
This island is one of the 14 territories that were under the rule of the British crown, and that are located outside the territory of Great Britain.
Although the government provides free every settler land and help in building your own home, interested nowhere in sight.




This island was at the center of the scandal of child abuse in 2004, when six men were arrested for rape, including Steve Christian, Pitcairn mayor, who is a descendant of the founder of the colony Fletcher Christian.
This tropical paradise on earth size is 3 square kilometers, and in the years after the second World War, inhabited by about 200 people.
– We have appealed many times, in so many people, to help us to increase our population. Although a lot of them inquired, we get a single application – says Jacques Christian, one of the residents.
The reality is that Pitcairn simply can not offer any kind of work people. Even the number of vessels which operate in this field several times reduced.



There is only one shop, which is open three times a week. Every three months, the New Zealand are sent orders for food.

  The rest of the residents are mostly descendants of eight immigrants who settled in Pitcairn in 1789, bringing with them took six Polynesian and 12 Tahićanki. The leader of the colony was mentioned Fletcher Christian, the sailor who rebelled against William Blajga, the captain of the ship “Bounty”, and led a rebellion against him.

  The fate of the island whose story reminiscent of the one from the movie “The Beach”, remains uncertain. If it appears a number of adventurers who want to escape the hectic pace of modern life, Pitcairn will eventually just disappear and remain only an interesting story.




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