Lullaby the mother of four children became a worldwide hit (VIDEO)

A single mom Kimberly Henderson was not able to predict that a lullaby, sung by her children, love of people around the world.


At the end of last year, namely in December 2014, Kimberly was filmed himself singing a lullaby to her one year old baby daughter Veda.

My sister convinced her to put video on Facebook, and in a week it has been seen by 20 million people. This mom, who is 16 year old pregnant, now 26 years old and four children, she never dreamed it would become famous overnight.

Otherwise, a few months ago Kimberly has experienced a car accident with her your daughter Veda, but the baby is due to auto-seat, remained unharmed. After that, the company that produced this safety seat had contacted in order to shoot the video for a lullaby and declared the official single.

“They brought me in Los Angeles. They paid for all my hotel, plane. They were very inspired by my story, “says the young mother.

Listen to this beautiful lullaby which became a worldwide hit …


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