(Disturbing) BOY HAS A FOUR HANDS AND FOUR FEETS: Indian lives with two pairs of excess!

A young boy, known as a boy with eight limbs lived for years with four extra limbs.



Dipak Pasvan was born in Bihar in India and seven years called him the devil and a weirdo because of a parasitic twin that hung from the stomach. A young boy, known as “the boy with eight limbs” lived for years with 4 extra limbs, which represent the rest of what was to be his twin brother.



That pregnancy passed without complications, this phenomenon would not have happened. His family did not have enough funds to make a child for surgery. Fortunately, in June 2010, the best doctors in the hospital in Bangalore agreed to OpriƟ limbs that are surplus to Dipakovom body free and spared the family a total of over 65,000 euros.



“I can run faster than my two older brothers, and before I could never get them! I really like my new body, it is much more fun. I’m so happy! “Said Dipak after surgery and recovery.


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