HOW TO PLAY:  The player to deal the first hand can be decided by any method. The ”Dealer Button” is placed in front of the dealer. After each comleted hand,the ”Dealer Button” is moved clockwise to the next player who becomes the dealer. The dealer give two cards face down to each player. These are called ”pocket cards”. Do not let any other player see your cards.


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“We choose our battles” STOP ANIMAL ABUSE !!!


This post makes me very sad and angry at people…

WARNING! (images are horrific and disturbing)

What would you do for your dog? pet? family?

When you ask yourself then you realize some things.

So stop Animal abuse,because it is unacceptable.

No one animal deserves abuse. Because the animals are lovers not fighters and do not serve the brutalisation.

So look at these pictures, and sign people who abuse animals.

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